Programmatic media buying

Programmatic Media Buying

Successful brands are those who understand the balance of story-telling & programmatic.

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Modules Other Than Programmatic media buying Are

Mobile Marketing            

Search Engine Optimization

Content Marketing                       

Click, sales leads      


Video Marketing              

E-mail Marketing        

E-commerce Marketing              

Affiliate Marketing  

Display Marketing          


Outbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing                      

Influencer Marketing        

Digital Marketing                          

Social Media Marketing        

Online display advertising 

Lead generation

Programmatic media buying, known as programmatic, is an automated method of buying digital advertising in which supply and demand partners make decisions on a per-impression basis and adhere to business rules as provided by the operators of each platform. programmatic marketing is a way to target what types of audience you wish to show your advertising to. Which can encompass segments across demographics such as age, gender, social standing, to geographic in certain areas of the country.  As with Paid Search you can also limit the ads to times of day and frequency. You can decide which publishers you want your ads to show on. This way you are only paying for highly effective ads, delivered to the right people at the right time. It’s a change from traditional ad buying. No longer a buyer agrees to run a certain number of ads with a publisher and is locked into the contract.

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